Privacy for my apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

BodyMindPower (BMP) produces apps for Relaxing, AutogenicTraining, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Fantasy Journey, Positive Affirmations and more.

BodyMindPower - Anke Moehlmann
Kasewinkel 22a
48157 Münster (Germany)


1. Contents of the apps
The content included in my apps is audio-visual information from the above areas. The audio / media files contained in the apps are all contained in the respective apps and do not require network access. In this respect, all my apps can also be run in flight mode.

2. References and links
Internet / network access is needed only for the links to my websites and my YouTube channel contained in my apps.

3. Copyright
The audio-visual works I have produced and published contain exclusively content (sound, music, language, texts) created by myself, as well as individual pictures, photography, for which - as far as not produced by myself - licensing rights have been acquired by picture agencies.

4. Privacy Policy
All my apps do not have permissions that could limit users' privacy. Personal data are not collected, stored or even passed on. If authorizations are required, they are explained by the respective app description and the required functions of the app.

These privacy policies apply to all of my apps that are published to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store - for paid and free apps.